Sherry Receiving 3rd Place Overall Female award at the 3 Days at the Fair race in Augusta, New Jersey

Sherry Brown is our first ever customer of the month! We are kind of cheating, because in addition to being a great customer Sherry used to work at PR as many of you remember. Sherry just rocked the 3 Days at the Fair multi day event and placed 3rd female overall!! She is the only person we know (besides all the staff here) that likes when her shoe updates.

Here is Sherry’s Story

So, my running story began when my children were little and I began running to have some time away from the responsibility of being a young mother. My girlfriend would run 2 miles every day and it sure looked easy to me, so I thought what the heck, I can do that, how hard can it be? Apparently I had a lot to learn about running and myself.

Ok, that is kind of a little white lie because my running career began in high school, a long time ago in 1978. I decided that running Spring Track would be awesome. Oh it was awesome alright….downright horrible awesomeness. How dare the track coach have us sprinters run a 2 mile warm up….humph, I was a sprinter, with asthma, and 2 miles darn near killed me. After a whole 2 weeks, I quit…2 miles flat out stunk, nope never going to run again.

Let’s fast forward to current day. I consider myself a turtle with regard to speed and I participate in ultra running event primarily. What I have learned in the part numerous years is that distance is a great equalizer and the longer the distance, the better I place and the better I perform because what I lack in natural ability, I make up for in endurance and mental toughness.

At less than a year after major back surgery (I fell on ice and not a result of a running injury), I attempted my first multiday race. May 17-21, 2018 I ran the 3 Days at the Fair and I ran for 72 Hours. Trust me, I set no land speed record but I never quit. For me, the weather and the heat were my biggest enemy and at approximately 45 miles into the race, my stomach said enough. This is when mental toughness played the largest role. However, not to bore you with details, I will give you a summary. I finished the 72 hours with 132 miles and I was the 3rd female finisher overall….my first podium finish…that is a big deal to me! I hindsight, I should have run an additional 6 miles/day and I would have hit that 150 miles…next year, yes, next year!

The best advice I could pass along to other runners, or those running for the first time….never quit and stop making excuses! If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me that they can’t run because of various reason, I would be rich…stop with the excuses. Literally, if I can do it, anyone can do it. One more bit of advice…..BUY DECENT RUNNING SHOES and follow a safe plan to help you reach your goals. I am a huge fan of the couch to 5K, or couch to whatever distance you wish to run. These couch to whatever distance plans give your runs a purpose and provides a save build up of mileage and allows your body to adapt to the new load being placed on it.

Having worked at PR Running for approximately 4 years provided me with a great platform to share my enthusiasm for running. I was able to utilize my educational background in Kinesiology while helping customers, which was a bonus for me. Personally, I loved the technology in the shoes and loved when shoes were update….sweet, new fun technology. Years later, I still get giddy when my shoe is updated!

Currently I am running in 2 different shoes. I run in the Brooks Glycerin, which I consider my meat and potato shoe…reliable, resilient and basically a serious work horse of a shoe. I supplement my running with the Saucony Guide, which is a great compliment to the Glycerin. The Saucony is predicable, responsive, takes a beating and so darn comfy. While running the 3 Days at the Fair, both shoes got equal play time, with my New Balance 880, thrown in for something different. Trust me, while running 3 days, your feet crave a change and that is exactly what I did, change it up!

I am no running genius, certainly not a gifted runner and still today I don’t consider myself an athlete, I simply consider myself a person who runs and one who does not quit, ever!