Tips For Falmouth with SUE S.

  1. Falmouth can be a party race but save the adult beverages until your post-race celebration. It can be hot and humid, so hydrate for the race with water or sports drink, not alcohol.
  2. The crowds are exciting! But don’t let that energy prompt you to go out too fast. Savor the scenery and ease into your pace over the first miles.
  3. Nearly 13,000 runners will descend on the small village of Woods Hole before the start. Plan extra time to get there (and get to the porta potty).
  4. Wear sunscreen. Always wear sunscreen.

About Sue

I have been racing for 40 years (first race was the Boston Milk Run 10K in 1982), after being a regular “jogger” since my high school gym teacher in the mid-1970s introduced us to the concept of aerobics and doing something for the rest of your life. I have run 22 marathons since 1984, over a span that includes an 18-year marathon hiatus while busy with kids (2000-2018). I ran Falmouth in 1987, ‘88, ‘89, ‘90 and ‘91. In 1992, after birth of first baby, I ran Falmouth in the Fall, the November version.
I am training now for the London Marathon, where I have been invited to participate in the Abbott World Marathon Majors WANDA Age-Group World Championship. I am 62 and a member of Tri-Valley Front Runners and the Cape Cod Athletic Club.
Happy trails!