Gait Analysis

Let’s find the right running shoes for you

What is a Gait Analysis

– What to Expect


The first thing you can expect is to be listened to.  Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a runner, a walker or just someone whose feet hurt, we are here to help.


A staff person may start with some questions about why you decided to come in and what type of activity you plan to do in your shoes.

We may have you take your shoes off and walk around the store in your sock feet.   At this point we are gathering information about what you are looking for in a shoe as well as what may or may not have worked for you in the past.

Fit & Feel:

Usually, we start you off with a pair of shoe in which we can conduct an evaluation.  These shoes are brought out because they help us determine what level of support you might need for your activity.  We will watch you walk or run in these shoes and ask you questions about why you like or don’t like the fit of the shoes.  Different shoes have different fit features (a narrow or wide toe box, different kinds of heel fits or even the ride of the shoe – soft or more responsive.)  The good news is that you don’t have to know all about the shoes – that is our job!  You just need to know what feels good on your feet.


Decision Time:

Throughout this process, we may bring 3 or more shoes out for you to try while we help you determine what is working for you.  Running shoes should not have a big “break in” period so if something is bothering you or is noticeable in the store we will encourage you to keep looking.  Now is a chance to try the shoes out on the treadmill in the store or out front on the sidewalk.